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Tell Lindiwe the truth and save your marriage Zweli say The River fans

19 July 2018
Zweli's marriage is on the verge of ending right in front of him.
Sheree and Zweli

Yoh! Zweli is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Ever since Sheree arrived in the Dikana mansion, she’s been nothing but trouble. She’s tried every trick in the book to seduce Zweli with the hope of getting him to fall for her.

But with every trick she’s pulled, the further Zweli pushes her away. Until Tshabalala handed him a file revealing Sheree’s true identity, Zweli has had very little success in securing information that will get Sheree out the way

Now it’s come to a point where Sheree wants Zweli to divorce Lindiwe; she’s got a sex tape and pictures on hand which she’s threatened to release if Zweli does not file for divorce.

Many people have been wondering why Zweli won’t just tell Lindiwe the truth and stop Sheree from holding him hostage in his own house.

Zweli is now literally racing against time; will the evidence he’s found on Sheree be the answer to getting rid of her once and for all, or will Sheree do the unthinkable and release the tape?

We can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.