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“Serves him right!” Twitter reacts to Zolani’s rejection

13 June 2018
It's a NO from Tumi.
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It’s no secret that Zolani loves Tumi and will go to any lengths to make her his.

Last night was another one of those nights. Zolani took Tumi out on a fancy dinner, treated her to the finest food and asked the waiter to bring the restaurant’s best bottle of champagne all in an effort to "celebrate Tumi" as he put it.

Tumi who is still heartbroken from Lindani and Khabonina’s wedding, had a little too much to drink and ended up extremely intoxicated. Hoping that the Dhlomo’s union would finally put Lindani in the past and give him the opportunity he’s been fighting for, Zolani declared his undying love for Tumi.

Tumi’s answer was anything but what he wanted to hear. There are only two men in my life, Tumi drunkenly admitted. My deceased father and my Zulu man she went on.


Although Zolani who was evidently brokenhearted had no words, Twitter did not hold back!

See the comments below:

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