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Lindiwe Dlamini and Harriet Khoza have a date!

07 December 2018
The River and The Queen crossover.
The River and The Queen Crossover

The River and The Queen are airing a special crossover episode, starting tonight at 9 pm on The Queen. Now we know that Goliath has been a problem in Lindiwe’s life for a while now. But he’s behind bars, so we’re wondering why Harriet and Lindiwe will be meeting up?

What we do know is that on tonight’s episode entitled “A Woman’s Job”, Harriet will give Lindiwe a call requesting that they meet tonight at 9 pm at The Oracle Hotel.

Lindiwe is surprised to receive a call from Harriet but mentions that whenever Harriet calls it’s always interesting.

Judging from the snippet below, the week-long special is sure to be jam-packed with drama and suspense. Plus, we are talking about two leading queens who will squash anything and anyone who threatens their families and success.

The crossover kicks off on The Queen tonight at 9 pm and will continue on The River for the rest of next week.

You don’t want to miss it!