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Lindiwe and Andile get physical – The River

31 October 2018
Has Andile taken his promiscuity too far?
Lindiwe and Andile fight

Andile and Lindiwe’s relationship has been on a very rocky path since Andile started acting completely out of character. And last night, their relationship took a whole new level when Njabulo handed in his resignation after breaking up with Andile.

Now, while we were hopeful that Njabulo’s return would do good for Andile, it seems that Andile is anything but ready to give up his promiscuous ways, and Njabulo hasn’t got time for games. It also doesn’t help that TJ keeps making an appearance each time Andile attempts to clean up his act. This time, Njabulo caught the two “lovers” flirting with one another at a party at The Oracle.

Andile tried to explain that his encounter with TJ didn’t mean anything, but Njabulo was clearly over Andile.

After calling it quits and wishing Lindiwe the best of luck in taming his loose son, Lindiwe headed straight to Andile and gave him a good piece of her mind. Andile didn’t hold back and spat right back at his mom.

Lindiwe returned her son’s rudeness with a slap so hard we heard our eardrums ring.

We don’t know whether either one of them has learnt their lesson, or if it’ll take a third party to calm mother and son.

All we know is that we’ll be tuned into The River at 20:00 tonight (and every night after that) to see how far things will go.