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In Memes: People are still recovering from Lindiwe’s claps

22 November 2018
uLindiwe akadlali noAndile!
Andile the river

Andile’s sloppiness has cost Khanyisa Diamonds R150 million, and could potentially put the Dikanas into dire financial difficulties if the Heart of Africa is not found.

Leading up to the auction of the Heart of Africa, Lindiwe left Andile with the responsibility of insuring the diamond. Caught up in the busyness of the whole event, Andile completely forgot to submit the insurance papers!

The insurance company was the first to break the news to Lindiwe, much to her utter disgust!

When Mrs Dikana asked for an update regarding the insurance claim, Andile attempted to worm his way out of the question with lies, lies, lies and more lies.

Lindiwe didn’t waste any time and told Andile that wasn’t the update the insurance company gave her.

What followed was a series of very “warm” claps!

And Twitter was armed with the memes!