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How far will Vero go for revenge?

11 September 2018
We all know what she’s after, but just how far will Vero go for revenge?
veronica the river

Last time she was in the Dikana mansion, Vero raised our blood sugar levels so high, we thought we’d be the ones admitted into Serene Living. Now since returning to the mansion, she’s back to her old tricks, and we’re wondering how far she’ll go to blackmail Lindiwe.

She pulled the mother of all tricks when she got Khabzela to pose as the nursing facilities’ driver and dump her at the Dikana mansion. Much to the Dikana family’s surprise, Lindiwe, Zweli and the kids have been left with no choice but to care for the “frail” Vero.

Obviously, Lindiwe has not taken her return to her home too kindly. In fact, last night she threatened to toss Vero down the stairs. But that is just half of it; she also spiked her food with chilli sauce – all the while Vero was watching and could do absolutely nothing about it.

We all know Lindiwe is not one to be taken for a fool, and it’s only a matter of time that she catches onto Vero and her schemes. We’re scared to even think of what will happen to Vero then.

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