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Getting to know Zenokuhle Maseko

11 April 2018
Mbali played by Zenokuhle Maseko on The River shares more about her character and herself.
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If there’s one person who understands what Andile it’s Mbali, played by Zenokuhle Maseko on The River. She’s always the first one to talk to her brother and offer him a safe place to open up about his feelings.

There is a strong, unshakable connection between brother and sister which Zenokuhle attributes to the fact that Mbali is the only one in the family who understands Andile. “Everyone in the house does not understand Andile, and he also thinks that no one else will understand him,” Zenokuhle says.

“I’m the only person he feels comfortable with.”

Watch as Zenokuhle tells us more about her character and the lady behind it.


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