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5 highlights from The River we can’t get enough of

28 February 2018
Relive the best moments from The River.
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From the onset, The River has delivered heart-stopping, nail-biting, grab-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of drama. We’ve laughed with Beauty and Paulina, cried as Malefu and Sis’Flora buried their loved ones, and jumped in horror at Lindiwe and Zolani’s uncanny ways.

Early on in the telenovela, we were introduced to Happy who found Lindiwe’s missing diamond earring which she dropped while drowning Thato. Learning from his mother Sis’Flora, that Lindiwe had lost her precious earring, we saw a very arrogant Happy threatening to expose Lindiwe and Zolani’s secret.

Happy gave us life as he blackmailed Lindiwe and Zolani and gave them a good run for their money - demanding a 5-bedroom house for his mother, a senior position in the mine and eventually, 10% share in Khanyisa Mine.

Relive his best moments here:


As Happy’s demands become too much, so did Zolani and Lindiwe’s need to get rid of him. We watched him as he cheated death a few times - from being burnt down in his mother’s shack, to being shot by the river – we watched as he ran for his life.

In this end, Zolani tracked him down and shot him in cold blood. Dying in Tumi’s arms, he revealed the truth about her father’s killer.

Watch his final moments here: 


Itumeleng went from trusting and seeing Lindiwe as a good woman, to promising herself to get justice for her father’s death.

Watch as she started implementing her plan: 


From here on, we’ve seen Itumeleng worm her way into the Dikana’s mansion, where she’s not only used her job in the mine but Zolani to search for clues that will lead her to the truth.

Do you remember when she broke into Lindiwe’s car and almost got caught? 


Being forced to tell the truth or risk being sjamboked, Tumi told Cobra the truth and left us in shock when we thought Cobra had also been shot.

And now, we see her slowly putting together the pieces together. Unknowingly, Sis’Flo has been an accomplice in her quest for the truth.


A shocked sis’Flora is stunned when Lindiwe loses her cool after hearing that Tumi has her hands on the dress.

The question is now, how far is Tumi willing to go to avenge her father’s death?

Tune into The River weekdays at 20:00 to follow her journey.