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4 best moments from The River & The Queen Crossover

14 December 2018
See the greatest highlights from Harriet Khoza and Lindiwe Dikana's kill Goliath operation.
Lindiwe and Harriet

If finally happened! The River and The Queen gifted us with a week-long onscreen interaction between The River’s Lindiwe Dikana and The Queen’s Harriet Khoza. And we were not disappointed – if we do say so ourselves.

During the crossover, we laughed, held onto our chairs with anticipation and nodded our heads as the leading baddies of Mzansi showed us what it means to take matters into their own hands.

These are a few of the best moments that took place during The River and The Queen crossover:

4. Harriet’s call to Lindiwe

The opening of the crossover follows Lindiwe and her frustration as she learns that Goliath has escaped from prison. Soon after that, Harriet calls her suggesting that they meet for a much-needed catch up at The Oracle Hotel. At 21:00 we see Lindiwe on The Queen and the two old friends catch up on business over a glass of champagne. 

3. Malefu chasing Harriet & Lindiwe out her house

Dimpho walks in on Harriet, Lindiwe and Malefu sitting around the kitchen table. We can tell from the look of horror on her face that it's not the first time she's heard of Harriet Khoza. She quickly summons Malefu aside gives her mom the 411 on who the lady she's welcomed into her home really is. Before we know it, Malefu is chasing the two ladies out her shack shouting, accusing them of witchcraft and wanting to burn down her only shack.

2. Zweli almost messing up the whole operation

Zweli doesn’t trust Harriet, and he doesn’t hide it. He greets her very warily when he sees her for the first time in a long time. We see Harriet feeling uncomfortable with the encounter. He expresses his uneasiness with Harriet to Lindiwe, but of course, Lindiwe stands her ground and insists that Harriet and her a simply attempting to take their business ventures to the next level.

Next thing we know, Zweli walks right in the middle of Harriet and Lindiwe's operation at The Oracle Hotel. Lindiwe is beside herself. Being the boss that she is, Harriet shows Zweli the door.

1. Lindiwe & Harriet killing Goliath

It’s a race to see who can kill the other first in the Dikana mansion when Goliath wields a gun to Lindiwe and Harriet. Fortunately for Lindiwe, Zweli and are in Cape Town to attend to Makhulu who’s not feeling well.

Just when it seems that Goliath has an advantage over the ladies, Harriet quickly swats his gun onto the floor, and before we know it, Harriet is hitting him over the head with a kitchen utensil. As they pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate their victory, Goliath is back on his feet wielding an axe to Lindiwe. Another chase ensues and eventually, Lindiwe & Harriet decide that the only way to get rid of Goliath once and for all is to run him over.

Just at the two queens celebrate their victory, Lindiwe gets a notification informing her that the diamond sale has gone through!

The powerhouses toast to their friendship and becoming richer!

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