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The Real Housewives Of Potomac


Anticipation for RHOP Peaks As Premiere Gets Postponed!

28 April 2020
We look at some of the most anticipated storylines in the coming 5th season of Real Housewives of Potomac
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Viewers of the Real Housewives of Potomac are going to have to wait just a little bit longer for the reality show's looming 5th season premiere.

The reality show, which chronicles the lives of the monied women as they navigate their opulent personal, social and busy professional lives, has now been moved to a a further date from what was initially expected. 

RHOP season will now premiere on May 3rd, with it's South African debut still to be announced. Keep an eye on our platforms for this info! 

Following the season 12 finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, this franchise has been hotly anticipated.

Amongst many explosive storylines viewers are keen to see in the upcoming season is that much publicised hair snatching scuffle that took place between cast members Monique Samuels vs. Candiace Dillard. While the escalation of their on and off feud doesn't come as a surprise, no one thought the classy ladies 'could take it there.' 

The season 4 reunion of the show, which aired on 1Magic in 2019, featured the two frenemies hugging it out and expressing their regret on how their friendship had soured through the season. They'd agreed that it was mostly just a misunderstanding blown out of proportion. In reality, the manner in which they handled Ashley's scandal was at the root of their problems. Candiace wanted Ashley to be put on blast, but Monique wasn't coming along that ride. 

But after their sweet moments, fans of the show were shocked to find out they are fighting again. 

Ashley's storyline is another big draw to the coming season. Now that we know she's pregnant, it wll be exciting to experience her journey to motherhood. It's what she's openly wanted for such a long time. Now that she finally has her bundle of joy, how will she be adjiusting. Needless to say, everyone also wants to see how the fallout over her husband's scandal will affect the dynamics in the group. For one, Candiace wasn't having any of it in the last season. 

Glimpses of what's to come have also shown us there might be trouble in Karen Huger's household. As can be seen in the promo, she seems to be fighting with Raymond. The two, who've been tight through all the financial troubles that led to her castmates orchestrating a fake pizza delivery to ascertain if she still lives in her mansion, can be seen arguing.