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Mrs Mops Livid Over Tarina's 'Non Invite'! - RHOJ

18 November 2019
"It was a complete oversight!"
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Tarina's lush tea party came with a guest line that sparked heat amongst the Johannesburg housewives, and that 'oversight' has potentially triggered a new wave of tensions. When Brinnette, Christall and Lethabo (with her dramatic, fabulous hat!) showed up to Tarina's tea party, they were taken back by Mpumi and Lebo's absence.

When Tarina was asked why these ladies weren't there, she confirmed that they had been invited. "I'm sure they have other things", she said, assuring the girls that there are no weird vibes to worry about. 

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Lethabo and Mpumi having the chat

But her claims would soon blow up in her face when later, Mpumi confronted her at a dinner, where all the ladies were present. It happened just minutes after Lethabo asked Mpumi why she hadn't bothered showing up to Tarina's cuppa. "I was surprised why you weren't there", Lethabo shared while helping herself to some hors d'oeuvres. "And I was told "no, other ladies had other things to do."

"Oh, really!?", asked Mpumi. "I can tell you now that whoever told you that was bull*****ng you big time." 

At this point, Mpumi's theory that Tarina doesn't like her and Lebo gained momentum. "I respect the fact that you don't want us there..."

"At the same time I don't care, because I'm not going to be the type that goes, 'why didn't you invite me?"

The situation devolved into a confrontational mess when Tarina, a second after learning what 'uyahlanya' (you are crazy) means, decided to joke with Mpumi that she's crazy. 

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Tarina initially insisted everyone had been invited

"That means what, I wasn't invited to the party", Mpumi charged. "Is that what it means?"

After a back and forth about whether or not the invited got lost in the post, Tarina finally cleared the air about how the invites were sent. "I didn't do any of the planning. These two girls who hosted today... it wasn't me. And I said I am bring six girls", she explained. 

Clearly furious, Mpumi continued yelling a few more obscenities to a cornered Tarina. And to make up for "not coordinating her event well", according to Lebo, Tarina invited everyone to her upcoming event in India. 

And while Mpumi had insisted that she doesn't care much over not being invited earlier, she ended up in tears. 


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