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The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg


Mercy's 5 highlight moments on this season of RHOJ

30 October 2018
Mercy and Evodia

  • We knew we were all off to a good start when Mercy shook the tables on the show and on social media with her vegan mean dietary request at Brinnette’s traditional wedding. Mercy explained that it was absolutely important for her that Brinnette attended to this request because vegan meals aren’t just veggies in a lunch box. Sadly for the good sis, Brinnette doesn’t vibe with that.


  • Her veganism chronicles continued when she hosted no less than two get togethers to get introduce the ladies to vegan food over some bubbles. The first one happened on a rainy day, and tanked. None of the ladied bothered to show face, leave for Christall, who soon found herself taking a sneak peak of the state of the bedrooms. Mercy reported being sick after having to finish the food all by herself.


  • Mercy’s confrontational modus operandi first surfaced during her second vegan party, where she couldn’t help to corner Naledi about her house. “When is Naledi hosting us, for a change?”, she asked across the table. For some context, Naledi has never shown her place on the show.


  • A thoughtful daughter!? This one time, Mercy had a conversation about vaginal rejuvenation with her mother. This would become of the topical moments about their liberated mom and daughter relationship. Not one for all talk and with no action, Mercy treated her mother to some naughty toys.


  • The fitness aesthete’s’ most explosive moment came when she appeared to throw her friend, Pinky, under fire on the show. A question was asked around the age during which Pinky had her first baby. Mercy then gave her some serious schooling