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5 times Mercy blasted the girls - RHOJ!

10 October 2018
Not only is Mercy a go-getter, she's also quite the truth seeker on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg, where she's cornered a few of the girls to explain facts that don't add up.
<p>Mercy Mogase&nbsp;</p>

We love a Queen who never shies away from expressing herself without holding back. Where's the fun in that? Mercy Mogase in one such woman, as we've come to see on Real Housewives of Johannesburg, Over there, the famous vegan has shaken one too many tables, some which were packed with plates of yummy vegan meals. Today, Wednesday, October 10t, marks her birthday, which she's celebrating in one picturesque vacation in Paris. Fit for a Queen! And to celebrate her, we are looking back at 5 of her most memorable moments this season. 


The tea about Brinnette borrowing a Porsche 

A few episodes ago, Merch put on quite the investigative journalism hat when she did the most to confirm whether or not Brinnette borrowed Athania's white Porsche to keep up with appearances at one of Chrystall's heated get-togethers. Her findings suggest that Brinnette might have asked to re-enter the event in the luxury car so "can be like others", in Athania's words. 

The first time she asked for a vegan meal at Brinnette's traditional wedding

She shocked viewers during the first episode when she put in a request for her vegan dietary needs to be attended to at Brinnette's traditional wedding. Watch the hilarious moment below!

When she confronted her mom about the vegan meal 

Ever the headlines grabber, the beauty and fitness aesthete confrionted her mother, 'Madam' Evodia Mogase, about her failure to hook her up with a decent vegan plate when everyone else seemed to be enjoying their meaty treats during dinner. Things got rather awkward, with mommy having the explain her way out of that issue. 

The interrogation of Naledi and Olwethu's friendship

Not one to mince her words, Mercy asked Olwethu to clarify the authenticity of her friendship with Brinnette. The confrontation happened when it became apparent that Olwethu, who had later had to explain why she doesn't have Brinnette's mobile phone number on her phone. 

Where do you live Naledi?

That was not the first she sought the truth. She took the opportunity to set the record straight with Naledi at her vegan party. "When are you ever inviting to your place?", she asked from the across the table, obviously throwing subtle shade at the fact that Naledi has yet to host any of the ladies. Naledi had to explain that she's currently preoccupied with her studies. 

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Photo Credit: Mercy Mogase via Instagram