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The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg


Evodia's 5 wow moments on RHOJ!

30 October 2018
Evodia RHOJ

There’s no shred of doubt that Evodia - more affectionately known as Madam – is one of the show’s breaks out stars. Her quotables have become cultural buzzwords, her face a meme for all kinds of situations and her style the envy of the town. Here are some unforgettable moments that propelled her to Queen Bee status on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg season one. 

  • The genesis of “Is this a joke, my darling” can be mapped back to a hilarious moment on the season’s second episode, when Evodia was appalled the standard of accommodation Naledi had chosen for the ladies in Botswana, where they had come to attend her mother’s 50th’s birthday. “This is definitely not our standard”, she charged, before the ladies booked alternative accommodation. “Is this joke, my darling? The place looks like a shebeen.”


  • The first few times she quarrelled with Christall was amongst the season’s most talked about moments. The screamfests between the two frenemies could have been a few octaves above your average volume in conversation, but you certainly could have never missed any of the shade and mudslinging.

  • Who can forget how she shaded Lendy within an inch of her life during the first ever episode? Although to be quite fair, Lendy couldn’t have cared less. The whole tension happened at Brinnette’s traditional wedding, when the ladies were having some drinks. Lendy got quite excited and ended up touching Madam one too many times during the conversation. Madam had to pull her to the side to say “girl, you gotta calm down” with all the touching.


  • Madam shocked the girls and onlookers when she showed up in a mini figure-hugging dress with a plunging neckline, revealing her cleavage, at Brinnette’s bachelorette party. Although Madam’s sexy dress was met with Ooh’s and Aah’s, Brinnette and Christall were less than impressed, slamming Madam for being inappropriate. Madam hit back during the diary sessions, maintaining that their sense of style is as dull as it gets.


  • And out of all her dramatic moments on the show, none has been as heated as her bag tossing moment at a high-end boutique. She had been going at it with Christall, who allegedly called her the b-word. But after leaving the scene, she stormed back into the store and dropped her expensive bag in a way that only she can!