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The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg


Everything we loved at the Reunion! – RHOJ

30 October 2018

The hotly anticipated Real Housewives of Johannesburg Reunion Special finally came, in two parts, this past Friday on 1Magic! And just like you, we loved everything about the show. Moshe piloted the inaugural session all suited up, and we loved that he brought in a bit of shade to balance things out between the ladies. Here's everything we loved about the Reunion Special 


Reunion Specials of the franchise typically feature an elevated version of the housewives, which is normally expressed through high fashion. The ladies served serious lewks on Friday, and we are happy no one landed on any worst dressed list! And, as expected, Evodia and Mercy, also known as 'the Versaces', showed up with the most drama. 


Best served cold, the shade came from all sides this past Friday! Amongst some of the spiciest moments, Brinnette dealt with the Mogases over the nature of Evodia and Mercy's relationship. She managed to sneak even more shade about the age difference between her and her mother is only 17 years, yet she is still more respectful towards her mother. This came after she was asked about the way she advanced comments about Madam and Mercy's relationship throughout this season. In turn, Evodia asked Brinnette to please move out of her mom's house. It's inappropriate for a "40-year-old woman." Yikes. 


Stop, stop, we like it! You already know what you get when you put Christall and Evodia in one room. It took Evodia all of 5 minutes into the show to refer to Christall as "weird human being". Christall later retorted and called Evodia a psycho, and things continued down that downward spiral. Elsewhere, Lerika had to set the record straight on why she threw her friend, Naledi, under the bus. It happened in a recent episode when the housewives slammed Naledi's bachelorette party hosting skills as dry. Instead of coming to her friend's rescue, she appeared to fuel the flames. Pinky also came through to confront Mercy on how she made comments about her pregnancies recently, but both Evodia and Mercy had already stormed out. 


Christall sat there and tossed a few files across the tables, and that doesn't even include the qualifications and awards she brought to prove to the ladies she hasn't been lying. The Versaces had to call Athania for back up on allegations that Brinnette borrowed her luxury SUV and designer purse to keep appearances earlier this season. The whole call happened live on the show!


One of the most talked about moments from the episode, except Lendy being having the time of her life, is the Mogase exodus, which happened after Pinky joined the set.