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The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg


Christall Kay's 5 wow moments on RHOJ!

05 October 2018
The good sis is not known for being coy on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg
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Christall Kay has become one of the most talked about characters on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. The people love a Queen who is bold and confident enough to randomly break in song and dance at the most random places, like hopping to help a group of singers sing a national anthem because why not? She's a pop star and she's not afraid to dish out some of her splashiest gestures when you least expect it. 

There's something else that has kept the shady Queen a topic of conversation with the girls on the show and viewers alike... her over the top claims! She's an award-winning pop star but also an advocate with twenty years experience, amongst other things. We love a Queen who's a top achiever, with fascinating life experiences that have everyone trying to go all FBI. 

  • Charlize Theron was her roommate  

The good sis revealed at Mercy's vegan party that she once had to share a digs with Charlize Theron back in the day when they had entered a modelling competition. She left the girls shocked and in disbelief. Christall was unfazed though, she once did that with the Oscar-winning actress and that's all there's to it, thanks. 

  • She has Billboard Hot 100 hit 

Naledi almost fell from her chair when she had visited Christall during a recording session this one time. Christall revealed that her catalogue of smash hits features a single that reached #55 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The ladies were so shocked by this revelation that they asked her to play the piano when they came by her place, to prove her talent. She won that one too. 

  • Saxon Hotel residence 

She once practically lived there. "Why? I don't know!, maybe it's because I was in a relationship with the owner!" There are levels to the bragging game. 

  • In love with her ex

This one ain't it for the girls. Last week ended with Evodia screaming obscenities at a boutique store before lunging at Christall, who called her the b-word. Madam ended up ended up yelling at Christall for being hung up on her ex, to whom she's dedicated her single, Wonder. Christall has told everyone that she's totally still into her ex, and that her hubby understands. 

  • I thought you were me! 

This could be her shadiest moment this season! Christall walked in to find Naledi sporting a huge blonde hair do at Naledi's fashion show, and instantly tossed a Pop Quiz! "What was your inspiration? Oh, I know... I could have sworn you are me from behind!" You've got to love her!

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