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The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg


5 Things We Love About Mrs. Mops!

09 January 2020
An icon who once said, "I'm somewhere between wealthy and elite!"
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Who remembers that moment on the season 2 premiere of Real Housewives of Johannesburg, when Mrs. Mops introduced us to her lavish life? Within seconds, we were acquainted with her massive mansion, a wardrobe to die for, en enviable shoe collection and darling, a fabulous life everywhere you look! 

It wasn't until she uttered these now iconic lines that we knew she was definately a fave! "Honey, I'm somewhere between wealthy and elite!", she revealed in between shots that showcased a bevy of luxury cars parked outside her chateau. 

As the episodes trickled in, we found there's so much more to love. Here are 5 things we adore the most about the stylish Queen of clapbacks. 


When it comes to this group of women, first impressions not only last, but can be dug up as reciepts to bury the unsuspecting in future confrontations. Remember when Brinnette was read for filth over an outfit the girls found underwhelming at her own party? It's a big deal here. Fortunately for Mrs. Mops, who will make sure to top the best dressed list even for an appearance at an opening of an envelope, she's yet to suffer any questionable style choices. Haute couture! 


When Christall credited her chemistry with Tarina to the Law of Attraction, Mpumi was quick to charge, "Or the Law of Desperation"! Since that explosive dinner, we've known she's quick with the reads and the clapbacks and, has she not delivered? 


But while her shade has made quite the headlines, fuelling her popularity with the season 2 viewers of the 1Magic reality show, some have started wondering if the good sis sometimes goes too hard on some of the housewives! Take, for example, when she Brinnette arrived late at the Durban July girls outing. Complaining that she didn't have her own room, Mrs. Mops was quick to let her know that she'd been reserved to stay with the help. 


Upper echelon in every department! But, that one time she feared for her life when Brinnette brought her friends around, who Mpumi dubbed a 'squattercamp of men'? A lot of people laughed, a lot of people lambasted the snobbery. But everyone knows, a good television moment is a good television moment, and Mpumi consistently got the gasps out of every viewer. 


Her diary are such fun because of the animated retelling skills viewers have now to come to look forward to every week! 

Catch the Real Housewives of Johannesburg, Fridays at 19:00, exclusive to 1Magic, DStv channel 103.