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The Real Housewives Of Dubai

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Glitz and glamour with The Real Housewives of Dubai.

30 August 2022
The Real Housewives of Dubai has been on our screens, and they have been delivering glamour in every episode. From their lavish homes, their fabulous glam and their shade that drips gold in every statement. Here is what we love so far with the housewives.
Women in gold dresses walking in the dessert


Tagline: They don’t hate me because I am beautiful; they hate me because they are basic.

From what we have seen on the show, Ayan is anything but basic. From the way, she gives gifts, which range from onions, lemons and even a goat. To her runway-ready fashion sense that always leaves you speechless as you do not know what to expect next. To her big heart that she has for her family. We love that she shows that you can be fabulous and have a big heart.


Tagline: A woman should be two things who and what she wants.

She has lived up to her tagline but also shows that she respects the way she was raised. We see that in one scene where she was teaching her son to sit on the floor and share a meal with her. It was nice to see her observing her upbringing. Another way she has lived up to It is with her fashion sense, how she chooses to express herself through it and her way of thinking and living loudly. We love to see it.


Tagline: The desert is ruthless, but nothing is more savage than me.

Caroline has shown us that being a self-made woman is something to celebrate as she is a single mum, who has built this incredible life for her and her son. She is fiercely protective of her son and would do anything for him and works hard in all that she does. She will open an inclusive spa soon that will cater to people with different hair textures etc.All of which is so beautiful to witness.


Tagline: The only thing you can take from me is notes.

Lesa has a beautiful family and loves being with her family. She has found a way to work and have her children with her at work. She has a maternity fashion line and is branching into mainstream fashion and is a complete success, as we saw from her fashion show. She embodies the work-life balance well, and her garments are oh so fabulous, so we are taking notes.


Tagline: If you think that money cannot buy happiness, you have not been to Dubai.

Nina is the epitome of wealth as she does not wear her wealth. She is. You see it in the type of car her husband bought her and the extravagant party that she threw. She is famous for her love of loving chips and orders them wherever they go. She also has a big heart and is a confidant to her friends, the voice of reason, if you will.

Caroline Stanbury

Tagline: In a city of gold, nothing shines brighter than me.

Caroline truly shines, not because of her blonde tresses but because she beats to the beat of her drum. She is the season's bride and continues to shine bright in her family and with her fiancé. She is an influencer who truly influences and might be a mama soon as her fiancé wants a baby. She continues to break any obstacles in her way and does it with flair and glam.


These housewives show us how to blend fashion, love and careers effortlessly; how can we not love them? Watch The Real Housewives of Dubai on Fridays at 20:30.