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The Real Housewives Of Dallas

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Why You Need to Lookout for The Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion

20 April 2021
From an on-air walkout to a surprise appearance, there's a lot rumoured about the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion.
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The internet has not stopped being a buzz since housewives’ fan Dave Quin suggested that Real Housewives of Dallas should expect something they’ve never seen before at the reunion. Although in Mzansi we’re still episodes away from the reunion, we thought to share this news while it’s still hot.

The rumours have gone from an on-air walkout and/or firing to the show being cancelled and a potential surprise appearance. However, while these hold some weight, the most substantiated rumour is Katy Brittingham and Brandi Redmond testing positive for Covid-19. If the rumours are true, these housewives could be filming the reunion virtually.

According to an Instagram post by the Bravo Guru, “It’s being reported by multiple sources that Kary Brittingham ALLEGEDLY tested positive for COVID-19 and she had to film the reunion from her hotel room via a live feed. Most are concerned about Brandi as she travelled with her newborn to New York while sitting next to Kary on the plane.”

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If the rumour is true, Katy could be in for more drama since she’s not in many fan’s good books. This after her series of bullying episodes on the show. On top of that, she is said to have embarrassed Stephanie’s guest on the ladies’ trip to Oklahoma.

While these rumours are yet to be confirmed, if any are true, we’re in for quite a bit of drama when the #RHOD reunion airs.

For now, we can catch up on your faves every weekday at 17:30 on 1Magic and on the DStv app!