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Valentine’s Day brings doubts into Nuri & Yasir’s relationship

27 November 2018
Yasir and Nuri almost miss Valentine's Day.
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The seventh episode of Love Is shows how doubt is still a problem in Nuri and Yasir’s relationship. However, the couple still manages to overcome the obstacles because their connection is just that strong.

With Ramadan almost over, Yasir realizes that Nuri is a blessing; a promise from Allah for his fasting and atonement. He gives Nuri a gift; a book entitled The Art of Dramatic Writing.

Where did he get the money you ask? He bought the book himself using his employee discount. Yep! Yasir has a job. It’s not exactly a corporate job, but it pays a portion of the bills. And Nuri isn’t complaining. She’s just happy with having her man by her side.

Anyway, back to Valentine’s Day. Nuri’s mom is in town and stirs the pot when she asks Yasir about their Valentine’s Day plans. Yasir explains that he doesn’t celebrate corporate holidays but that he’s open to it if Nuri wants to. Nuri pretends not to care about his decision not to celebrate it.

At work, Nuri admits to her coworker Angela that she actually wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Yasir. Nonetheless, she ends up spending the day with her family at the annual Single Girls Day party.

To make matters worse, Yasir decides to go to Ruby’s house, which technically is still his. Upon learning about this, Nuri is understandably in her feelings. Ruby isn’t too happy to see Yasir either as she’s still dealing with feelings that started resurfacing.

Yasir’s homie tells him that he needs to forget about the corporate holiday nonsense and celebrate the day with his girl. Yasir returns back to Nuri’s home just in time to give her her favourite flowers. The couple ends Valentine’s Day with a slow dance to Love Ballad by L.T.D.

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