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Will Catlett dishes out on his Love Is experience

21 November 2018
Love Is lead actor Will Catlett shares his experience on dating in the new age.
Love Is

By now you’ve probably come to know Will Catlett as the very serious and stern Yasir on Oprah Winfrey’s latest drama Love Is. If you don’t, where have you been?

The TV series follows the love life of young Mara Brock Akil, played by Michelle Weaver and young Salim Akil played by Catlett. In an interview with Source, the actor spoke candidly about black love and what he loves about his character, Yasir.

Playing a lead role on the series has meant that Catlett gets an opportunity to tackle the stereotype which many men are faced with in relationships these days. “I love that my character dissolves the stereotype that in order for a man to contribute to your life he has to check off all the things on your list.”

My character teaches people to judge a person by their character and not based on what they are on paper, he added.

The characters may be financially broke, but mentally they are anything but broke. All Yasir has needed is an opportunity to prove his capabilities, Catlett explained. In the same way, all Salim needed was a chance to prove himself to Mara.

Touching on the relationship complexities of his role and the similarities it has to the stories of black males in modern times, Catlett explained how the story humanizes these stories. “We are vulnerable, sensitive and passionate. Hopefully, that can help a young man and others see themselves in my character,” he said.

In concluding, Catlett expressed his feelings on what love is. “You can’t put anything to it. It’s like what Moses told God, ‘Who should I say you are? I said I am, that I am.’ Love just exists. Love is.”

Love Is airs every Tuesday at 20:30 only on 1Magic, DStv Channel 103. Don’t forget you can also stream the series on DStv Now!

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