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Love Is: Is love about taking that leap of faith?

13 November 2018
OWN's Love Is explores the possibilities of taking a leap of faith all in the name of love.
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Love Is produced by OWN, explores the possibilities of meeting someone who in an instant, changes your life. In the series, we meet present-day couple Nuri and Yasir who’ve been together for 21 years. In celebrating their anniversary, the couple agrees to document their relationship.

Set back in the 1990s when the couple first met, the series’ storyline pushes people to think about what matters the most; falling in love with no conditions or thinking about the details before starting a relationship with someone.

While Nuri has her career and life on track, Yasir is an aspiring writer who is sleeping on another woman’s couch with no job and a child to take care of. In the present day, Yasir explains that he couldn’t help but wonder if it was wise for him to enter a relationship with those circumstances. While he had plenty potential because of his charisma, he wondered if potential would suffice?

Dating someone with potential is tricky because there’s no guarantee that person will make something of their lives and also, love doesn’t put food on the table. Moreover, you don’t have much say over the relationship’s outcome.

But, maybe that’s the point of it all. To take a leap of faith. Oftentimes, people approach relationships guarded because they fear getting hurt again. Although understandable, that approach can keep many from experiencing true love. Before she met Yasir, Nuri was out living her best life with no intention of tying herself down to one man. However, when she took a chance at love, she found happiness.

Love Is airs every Tuesday at 20:30 on 1Magic, DStv Channel 103.

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