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Kids Say the Darndest Things Premieres on 1 Magic

29 January 2020
Tiffany Haddish brings a comedic relief to Kids Say the Darndest Things.
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Friday at 19:00 on One Magic, comedic superstar Tiffany Haddish will take over the reins of Kids Say the Darndest Things. The classic variety show has been rebooted after the original show hosted by Bill Cosby, was wrapped 19 years ago.

Kids Say the Darndest Things features a group of smart young children who answer some of the most mundane questions in unscripted ways in front of an audience. The series is said to “capture Haddish’s unique voice and sensibility as she interacts with real kids and their innocently entertaining points of view.”

Chatting to TheWrap, Haddish said the show is an opportunity to give kids a voice. “You hear how children are thinking, and that’s one of my favourite things in the world. I feel like they’re the best comedians on Earth,” she said.

Haddish who grew up in foster care has spoken openly about holding onto humour as a way of coping with her difficult circumstances. “The adults around me were more of the ‘kids should be seen and not heard’ type,” Haddish told TheWrap. “I totally disagree with that. I think kids should be heard and often seen, but if I could just hear them from the other room while I’m in here laying down, that would be fine.”

Catch the season premiere of Kids Say the Darndest Things on Friday at 19:00 exclusive to 1 Magic.