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How Harry Styles is connected to Happy Together

15 November 2018
Former One Direction bander Harry Styles loosely inspired the making of Happy Together.
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If you haven’t been inspired to watch CBS’s Happy Together just yet, maybe this piece of information is the persuasion you need to jump onto the bandwagon. The comedy was inspired by former One Direction’s lead singer Harry Styles.

Yep, you read it right. Harry Styles didn’t only loosely inspire the series, but he’s also an executive producer.

Happy Together centres around Cooper James; a famous pop star who just wants a bit of normalcy in his life. He decides to move in with his accountant Jake, played by Damon Wayans Jr, and his wife, Claire (Amber Stevens West). The couple is more than happy to open their home to Cooper and add a bit of excitement into their boring life. Cooper is also happy to be around people who are stable and caring.

So, you’re asking yourself what the storyline has to do with Harry Styles? Apparently, Harry did the same thing.

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Ben Winston, an executive producer on Happy Together shared with E! News how he crossed paths with Harry Styles. “A few years ago, I was making a film with One Direction, directing a few of their music videos.

“I had also moved into my modest, quiet house in London, in the most suburban area of London you could possibly imagine. A young man who I was working with at the time with the name of Harry Styles asked me if he could live in our attic for what would only be a couple of weeks,” Ben said.

After chatting to his wife, Harry moved into the Winston’s attic. “Nobody ever knew that he was living there,” Ben says. “He’d come in, go to sleep and we’d do our chores,” said Ben of the living arrangement.

So how much of Harry’s life is depicted in the story?

Happy Together is loosely inspired by Harry’s life, the executive producer said. “If we actually put what happened on the TV it wouldn’t be that exciting.”

But you won’t have to worry about the show being boring, as the cast includes Damon Wayans Jr, Stevens West and newcomer Mallard.

Get a sneak peek of Happy Together below:

Catch Happy Together every Thursdays at 19:00, followed by The Neighbourhood.

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