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Get to know Michelle Mitchenor – First Wives Club

14 October 2021
The club welcomes a new member
Jayla First Wives Club

We are in the second season of First Wives Club  and the ladies came through with a new member who is set to be the series regular, Jayla Wright. She is a sorority sister to the ladies as well as an intelligent, confident and a first-rate attorney who is eager to get a big case.

On Ari’s recommendation, Jayla comes in to represent entrepreneur Maxine Hart in her high-profile divorce case and goes on to impress her boss and client with her sense of humour, understanding of Maxine’s state of mind and her guts to go up against a giant in the legal world.

As we get to know her as an attorney, here are a few facts we didn’t know about the woman behind the character;


She has breathed the same air as Queen B!

Years ago, before her main focus became acting, Mitchenor started her career as a dancer. She earned a BFA in dance and worked as a professional dancer and in those years worked with big names including Rihanna and Beyonce.

She has a Youtube channel

She started her channel Black Woman Create which is aimed to be a platform that showcases different works of women in colour and the power they hold.

A husband and an actor in one

Michelle is married to Coley Speaks who is also in the hectic world of entertainment and has appeared on NCIS and Lethal Weapon.

She has a passion for children

Her passion for causes that affect children led her to start an organisation that makes arts education accessible to children that don’t have access to it. It is called The Mitchenor Foundation and she hopes to expand it further in the future.

Travelling is one of her favourite things 

Blessed with a career that allows her to be everywhere and having the money to do it as well, she has loved seeing different parts of the world and hopes to add onto her list of countries she’s been to.


Now we can go back to Jayla. Catch her every Wednesday on First Wives Club at 20:30 and live on the DStv  App.