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Get to know Ebonee Noel – The Kings of Napa

05 April 2022
It's time to get to know her!
The Kings of Napa

It’s new to #1Magic and all about a family that’s at war because of the wealth that the find themselves in. #TheKingsofNapa sees the King’s wine business, the one that has brought them the success that they have get between the family after the patriarch’s sudden exit from the company.

The siblings including “August King” played by Ebonee Noel, are now grabbling for the reins to the kingdom. This role has put Ebonee to the forefront and she has left our jaws on the floor with her stellar performance that we can’t get enough of.


Here’s a little more about Ebonee that you probably didn’t know;


She hasn’t been acting all her life

Ebonee has been on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” which was in 2014 and she only took part in one episode and two more shows that only afforded her the same number of episodes. 2017 is when things started to pick up and then eventually she earned a role on the television series, “FBI.”


Ebonee is also a singer

It runs in her family because her uncle is a popular and award-winning singer and songwriter and her mother has pipes as well which comes as no surprise that Ebonee is a multifaceted woman.


Travelling is in her bones

Being exposed to different cultures all over the world was just part of Ebonee’s life because her mother being an Ambassador for the United Nations at some point meant that the travelled to many countries a lot.


She is of Guyanese ancestry

Even though they moved so much and didn’t stay in one place or grew up there, this is where her family originates from. Both Ebonee’s parents are Guyanese.


A sports girl

It doesn’t matter where she goes, everyone must know that she is a hardcore fan of the major sports teams for New York. She stays rooting for the Rangers, the Yankees, and the Giants. 


Don’t miss The Kings of Napa everything Thursday at 20:30 on #1Magic and live on the DStv App.