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David Makes Man Debuts on One Magic

23 September 2019
In this coming of age series, a 14-year-old boy attempts to connect the disjointed worlds of school and home.
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David Makes Man, which premieres Tuesday 24 September on One Magic, follows a young boy (Akili McDowell), as he attempts to manoeuvre life in a public-housing project whilst also dealing with numerous pressures – to sell drugs to support his family and also succeed as one of a few black children in his magnet school.

David comes from a very impoverished background, and to his recovering addict mom and his teacher, David is an intelligent but very shy boy who’s simply trying to do his best in school.

To his friends at the magnet school, David is a master of many talents; he is a DJ as well as a distressed young man who can never take jokes lightly.

To his neighbourhood back in the projects, David is known as Dai, a reserved and slightly odd young man with a very promising future as deemed by the local drug gang.

In the series, we watch as David navigates between these different personas, never really comfortable with the worlds he exists in, but at the same time, understanding how he’s meant to present himself in each setting.

“While his story is mostly told in a raw fashion, creator [of David Makes Man] Tarell Alvin McCraney sprinkles in bits of magic realism throughout,” writes Rolling Stone.

“This includes interludes where David imagines himself code-switching in an awkward moment to tell people what he really thinks.”

Catch the season premiere of David Makes Man on Tuesday 24 September at 20:30 exclusive to One Magic.