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Coupled: Everything You Need to Know

15 February 2019
Follow 12 women as they start their search for love in Anguilla, deciding whether they are interested in each single man who arrives at their bungalows.
Coupled Season 1

If you are a die-hard fan of dating shows, then you’ll find a surprising treat in Fox’s reality dating series, Coupled currently airing on 1 Magic, Fridays at 19:00.

Although Coupled adopts the genre of a reality dating show, bloggers have described as “delivering content that goes beyond the stock characters, conventions and situations of your regular dating shows.

Coupled features women in sundresses who send and receive text messages on the beach, drawing in the young, hip crowd. However, beyond that, Coupled takes an in-depth look at the dating habits of older millennials. It taps into this group’s rituals, conflicts and the desires that women and men have in their late 20s and early 30s.

How the show works is that 12 women live together in a bungalow on the beaches of Anguilla. Hunky suitors then arrive one-by-one to meet the women individually. It is then on the ladies to decide whether they return to the bungalows or to continue their conversation with the suitors at the tiki bar.

From there onwards, the male makes a pick between two finalists, with the aim of eventually choosing one after a number of nights out. After choosing his girl, the two are then “coupled”.

Sound like your kind of dating show? Then you don’t want to miss Coupled, every Friday at 19:00.