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Andy Cohen on hosting Love Connection

20 November 2018
Andy brings love back on Love Connection.
Andy Cohen on Love Connection

Emmy-reality television producer and American talk show host, Andy Cohen brings his larger-than-life personality to Love Connection – an hour-long dating reality show that sees women and/or men searching for love.

“It’s bigger, it’s better and greater!” Cohen told ET Online.

The second instalment of the dating show focuses 100% on, well, love. In the previous season, the main dater could choose walking away with cash over a second date. But Cohen said that this season was all about love.

“There’s a lot of heart,” he told ET Online. “This show has a lot of heart. There’s a reason there’s a big red heart on the floor because everybody here is looking for love and I legitimately feel like we found it. It’s also funny. Love and funny.”

In this season, you can also look forward to a few famous faces, including Porsha Williams of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Here's a sneak peek:

Season 2 of Love Connection premieres exclusively on 1Magic tonight at 19:00

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