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Ambitions Season 1: What You Need to Know

22 July 2019
OWN’s Ambitions follows the complicated lives of Atlanta’s high-profile individuals.
Ambitions Season 1

Meet Atlanta’s very own cold-hearted attorney, Stephanie Lancaster. She’s developed a reputation amongst her family and friends for being a stone-cold pusher. She forces her daughter to follow a more “meaningful” major than theatre arts, she forces her father to hang his hat up at the family law firm and forces her husband to convince his “ghetto” sister to give up her restaurant.

Ambitions Season 1, which premieres on 1 Magic on Monday, 22 July at 20:30, will take you on an intimate journey of the ups and downs faced by some of Atlanta’s most elite.

Here’s a quick look at the main characters of Ambitions:

Stephanie Carlisle- Lancaster (played by Robin Givens)

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Stephanie Carlisle

Stephanie Carlisle is married to Atlanta Mayor Evan Lancaster. She comes from a highly affluent family in Atlanta. Stephanie will do whatever it takes to be in charge of her family-owned law firm.

Evan Lancaster (played by Brian White)

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Evan Lancaster

Evan Lancaster (married to Stephanie) is a social climber with strong interests in politics; so strong that he tends to lose sight of morality and loyalty. Evan is in constant competition with his wife and will do whatever it takes to climb a step closer to the pedestal he’s put her on.

Amara Hughes (played by Essence Atkins)

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Amara Hughes

Amara who’s new to Atlanta is a lawyer in the U.S. Attorney’s Office. To those she’s unfamiliar with, Amara presents herself as the sweetest girl in the crowd, but don’t be fooled; we soon come to learn another more conniving side to her.

Titus Hughes (played by Kendrick Cross)

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Titus Hughes

Titus is also an attorney who’s married to Amara. Titus has been hired as an in-house counsel for a huge pharmaceutical company headed by Hunter Purifoy; a businessman fighting a class-action suit brought by the Carlisle family.

Bella (played by Erica Page)

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Bella is Stephanie Carlisle’s very own fashion designer.

Ambitions airs on Mondays at 20:30 exclusive to 1Magic, DStv Channel 103.