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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

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Is Nene Leakes Departing from the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

31 January 2020
The tea is Nene might have tossed the peach... and the cheque!
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After serving cold shade for 12 seasons, could Nene Leakes be leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta

Rumours are swirling that Bravo, the home network to the popular Housewives franchise, is executing a major clean up in the lead up to the looming new seasons across their reality shows. Word has it that the OG’s of the show, who’ve been cashing in the biggest cheques thanks to their long standing histories with the shows, are being shown the door.

Viewers of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have been wondering if Nene Leakes is on that list!

The tea started being spilled when Leakes' bestie, talk show host Wendy Williams, “accidentally” revealed that Nene has privately shared her intentions to quit the show. Nene, who’s previously skipped two seasons of the show during the zenith of her acting career, is said to be telling those closest to her that she’s done! 

But while many fans were taken aback by Wendy’s revelation, Nene shut down the rumours, saying she has no intentions of leaving the reality show after 12 seasons. 

Adding to the confusion is Andy Cohen, the show’s executive producer, saying he doesn’t see the exit happening. “Maybe Wendy knows something that I don’t”, he said during an interview with Extra. Cohen went on to say Leakes was just blowing off some steam, and apparently that kind of thing happens a lot with the housewives. “NeNe said she was just venting.”, he said.  “I have had many Housewives texting me during the season saying, ‘I’m quitting,’ then I am with them another many years.”

Meanwhile Nene’s arch nemesis, Kenya Moore, has slammed the whole as an attempt to garner the public’s sympathy. During the current season of the reality show, Moore has been pointing out that Nene is in a dusty island alone, where no one is checking for her. 

What will happen to Nene’s peach? 

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