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The Braxton Family Values


Which Braxton sister are you?

26 June 2019
Find out which one of the Braxton sisters you are in your family!
Braxton Family Values

The 6th season of the Braxton Family Values has premiered on 1Magic, DStv channel 103! The popular reality show chronicles the personal and professional lives of the famous Braxton familly siblings, a line up of big names that includes Toni Braxton, Tamar, Traci and Tawanda. The show also features their parents, spouses and kids. While most of you are definitely not biologically part of this family, we reckon you can relate to some of the sisters. Which one shares the most similarities with you? 


If you are the real star of the family, you are definitely Toni Braxton. The 51 year old Grammy award winning superstar has one of the most outstandning catalogues in the memory of RnB. She's considered one of the biggest RnB divas of all time, and definitely qualifies as Hollywood royalty. Being the oldest of the siblings, Toni is also the most responsible of the girls. You are totally most similar to her if you considre yourself to be reserved, slightly conservative, sweet and, well, the star in the family. You don't need theatrics to get attention. In fact, you wouldn't know what to do with any more of it! 


Now, a few characteristics qualify you to be the Tamar of your family. Are you the youngest? Perhaps you are, by age, or maybe you are just because you act a little bit bratty from time to time! That's not necessarily a bad thing. It's no secret that Tamar is the least filtered of the sisters. She likes and demands the most attention, most times she does so aggressively. If you've been accused of actinng a bit spoilt, or getting away with more than what your siblings have been able to in the past, you are Tamar. That said, the 42 year old is also a star in her own right. Also a Grammy award winner now, Tamar is famous for rising up from under Toni's shadow. 


Traci is the sister who stands up for the others! She's the most defensive. She's bold, confident and funny. Being the life of the party, her sisters always expect Traci to be strong and able to make everything less stressful. 


Oh, so you think you are different, huh? You are the sibling who's always going out of your way to prove that you are a complete force, all within yourself. You pick up random accents. You are the most likely to end up doing stuff no one in the family messes with. You are Towanda, the Braxton sister famous for doing things in a way that completely sets her apart. She's got a strange accent with a genesis unknown to the masses. Her dating choices differ and she often chooses to do things no one else gets in the family. 

Which one of the girls are you? Braxton Family Values airs Mondays at 19:00 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.