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The Braxton Family Values


Braxton Family Values on an indefinite break?

14 November 2018
Is this the end of Braxton Family Values?
Braxton Family Values Season 6

Braxton Family Values is on an indefinite break since the Braxton sisters (Toni, Tamar, Towanda and Trina) and their mother, Evelyn, made a decision not to continue with filming until they’re paid their worth.

Only Traci did not walk away from filming the reality show during the middle of season six. In an interview with ET, she told the entertainment news channel that the Braxtons had a contract to fulfil. “You have to wait until the next season before you can say, ‘Okay, I’m not gonna do anything,’” she said.

Sources close to the Braxtons revealed that the women refused to return to work until the network, as well as the show’s production company, renegotiate their contracts for the last half of season 6.

Traci’s choice to continue filming while her family kept away from the camera caused a rift in the family. The sisters and Mama Evelyn didn’t just miss out on shooting the series; they also missed important events in Traci’s life.

They went further and labelled her a traitor. “That hurt me,” she told ET. Am I a traitor because I have a mind of my own?

Traci, the second eldest daughter, said that although she didn’t feel a responsibility to carry out the show, she was just being mature and fulfilling her promises.

Braxton Family Values airs every Monday to Thursday at 18:00.

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