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Temptation Island Season 3: These Are the Couples

18 March 2021
Ready for romance? These for couples put their respective relationships to the test on Temptation Island.
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Season three of Temptation Island has been described by Mark Walberg as shocking and messy. However, what really makes this season all the more special is how emotional it is. “What these couples who then become single go through personally, and what they start to access and talk about and realise about themselves becomes a really deep journey and relatable to anybody who’s been in love, in a relationship and trying to figure it out,” he told Heavy.

As per every season, this season’s couples bring their own dynamic – there’s always something to look forward to.

With that said, let’s get to know Temptation Island Season three’s couples:

Erica and Kendal

Ages: Erica (24) and Kendal (26)

In a relationship for: 2 ½ years

Professions: Kendal is a real estate agent and a co-owner of a credit repair company, and Erica is a personal assistant.

Relationship dilemma: Kendal is concerned that Erica might not be able to keep up with him personally and professionally. Erica on the other hand, feels like she’s underappreciated in their relationship and hopes that through Temptation Island, Kendal will propose.

Chelsea and Thomas

Ages: Chelsea (30) and Thomas (37)

In a relationship for: 1 year

Professions: Thomas is an actor, model and investment trader and Chelsea is a marketing coordinator.

Relationship dilemma: Thomas is a naturally flirtatious and charming man, and this causes Chelsea to be jealous and possessive.

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Kristen and Julian

Ages: Kirsten (26) and Julian (26)

In a relationship for: 11 years

Professions: Julian is a personal trainer, and a former pro football player and Kirsten is a physical therapist.

Relationship dilemma: Julian cheated on Kirsten twice in the past and his concern is should he propose, Kirsten might say no.

Erin and Corey

Ages: Erin (24) and Corey (25)

In a relationship for: 1 ½ years

Professions: Erin is a behavioural therapist and former and Corey is a concierge manager.

Relationship dilemma: According to Bustle, Erin has a terrible habit of comparing Corey her boyfriend to her exes which makes Corey feel belittled. Corey also feels the need to prove that he’s a better man than the professional athletes Erin has dated in the past.


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