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Your New 8PM Line-Up During Lockdown

08 May 2020
These are the international shows you can look forward to while The River is on a production break.
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With The River on a short production break to make up for lost time, we’ve switched up our weekly 8 pm slot to make sure that you stay entertained during Lockdown. From express shows from the U.S. to firm favourites, here’s your new weekly line-up of shows to watch during the next two weeks. The River will return on air on May 25. 

Monday – How to Get Away With Murder S6 (Express from the U.S.)

How to Get Away with Murder season 6 returns from production break for the powerful series finale. After Laurel's disappearance and Emmett's death, a Annalise falls into depression and gets high on cocaine. She voluntarily goes to rehabilitation under the fake name of Karen, befriends a woman named Sally and confesses she helped cover up Sam's murder.


Tuesday – God Friended Me S2

Continuing from last week, Ali is hopeful when she’s told that she’s a candidate for a new drug trial to help with her cancer treatment. The God account suggests the hospitals administrator to Miles.


Wednesday – For Life S1

An incarcerated man becomes a lawyer, litigating cases for other inmates while fighting to overturn his own wrongful conviction. Aaron's struggle and his complicated relationship with a progressive female prison warden, Safiya Masry, will explore the flaws in our penal and legal systems, and inspire by showing how one person can make a difference when fighting for the truth.


Thursday – Real Housewives of Orange County S14

Picking up from last week, the Miraval trip continues as Vicki unleashes anther rumour about Kelly, leading Kelly to explode at the Tres Amigas.


Friday – Temptation Island S2

In the mood for some reality? Continue the journey with four couples as they put their relationships to the ultimate test.

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