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The Journey So Far – Temptation Island Season 3

06 May 2021
It starts off as a good idea, until reality hits!
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Phew chile! Where do we even begin because the start of it all is where the mess began. This is the show where four couples go in order to test their relationships because of insecurities that already exist and to ultimately find out if they are meant to be together or meant to go their separate ways after all is said and done.

This journey that the couples embark on gets very tricky real fast and they quickly understand even more why they are at a crossroad in their relationships but even through the hesitations and tears, they keep it moving and search for the answers that they so desperately need.

Let’s take a look at how the journey has been since they’ve been in their respective villas.


We are really single in here?

Let’s start with the most shocking and messiest why don’t we? And that would be Erica and Kendal’s relationship or the lack thereof. The couple came into the house wanting or hoping for different things, Kendal wanted Erica to step it up as he thought she couldn’t keep up with him personally and professionally while Erica needed to be appreciated.

Now, from the get go Kendal was rather suspect and sketchy and continuously mentioning how they both agreed that they wouldn’t have rules and would move like single people but honestly, did he think this was real? 😱😭 Nevertheless that’s what he did and when we say we were left picking up our jaws and searching for our snatched wigs.

So far, he slept with one girl and as if that wasn’t bad enough, he took it a step further and had a three-some with another one which has now left him wondering who he’s feeling more but it also seems as though a bit of guilt is creeping in when he thinks about his feelings for Erica. Man, this is a situation and while Erica is starting to be more confident in herself and opening up to the other guys in the villa (yasss girl 💅) , we wonder how this couple will leave this place because anything can happen.


A flirt, huh!

Then there’s Chelsea and Thomas. Chelsea has been a worried and possesive girlfriend since their relationship started because of how flirtatious Thomas is even when he says that it comes naturally and he doesn’t mean it (we have to laugh because sir, you're in a relationship 💀). This has of course caused much tension to the point of them coming to the show to test it out and see if their relationship can survive.

To say it has been interesting would be an understatement. After seeing that his flirtatious ways have been continuing while watching on their visits to the bonfire, Chelsea realised that it might be time for her to pursue other relationships and see what the other guys in the villa have to offer. This led her to one specific guy who she kissed which then made Thomas very angry and believe that it is the utmost hypocrisy.

Now Thomas is ready to do his own pursuing and we shall wait to see how it pans out and what this means for their relationships at the end.


Are we really meant to be together?

Kristen and Julian has seemed to be the couple that really and truly have love for each other especially as they’ve been in it since their hight school days aww 😍, exactly 11 years together but have had the biggest hurdle in their relationship since Julian cheated twice in the past. His fear now is whether Kristen will accept his proposal now that he feels ready to grow up and propose.

We do understand Kristen’s worries though because who wouldn’t be scared after that kind of betrayal  👀. You of course don’t just wish the pain of being cheating on away, it’s a process and that’s exactly what Kristen is going through. The couple however have been slowly opening up to other people but not in a romantic way which leaves a bit of hope that they still linger in each other’s minds even when they are apart.

Both Kristen and Julian have broken down throughout this process and left us chopping onions at some point. Love is what they have for each other but can they survive and be able to live happily ever after? That remains to be seen.


Can we stop with the comparisons please  

Comparisons and trying to prove points have been the biggest problems in Erin and Corey’s relationship 😩. The couple have had to deal with Erin comparing Corey to her exes who are athletes which already is far from unfair while Corey carries the heavy load of always trying to prove that he’s a better man than them and treats her the way she deserves to be treated.

With only a few minutes in, Erin was already a ball of tears worried that she’s about to lose a great guy who has been nothing but amazing to her while she’s trying to figure out if they can truly make it work. Corey wasn’t having it any easier on the other side as he also had his moments of breaking down and missing his girlfriend.

Luckily, they both agree so far that this has been a need for them and helped Corey have more confidence in himself and made Erin see just how much she loves and doesn’t want to lose him.


Tune in to find out how all the couples come out of this when Temptation Island Season 3 continues on Thursdays at 20:30 on 1Magic.