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Temptation Island Season 2: The Penultimate Bonfire

05 June 2020
It's the second to last bonfire before the season finale of Temptation Island Season 2 and temperatures are high.
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There aren’t enough 🔥🔥🔥 to describe how heated things are on Temptation Island lately. Where should we even start with recapping the latest developments of this season? While Ashely H and Ben’s situationship continues to grow stronger, Casey continues to wallow in self-pity. Esonica takes things further with Kareem as she allows him into her bed.

Let’s unpack what transpired in episode 8 of Temptation Island

Following on from Ashley H’s video, Casey was an emotional wreck. After the night’s bonfire, he got together with Rick, David and Gavin to talk about the messages they each got out of the bonfire.

The girls waste no time and also discuss the messages they got from their bonfire. One thing that stood out from the aftermath of the girls’ bonfire was Esonica’s comment. She went on say: “My issue is, you may have matured from the guy you were, but are you mature to the woman I am?”


The girls all agreed with an “Amen!”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s go back to Ashley H and her sentiment on Casey’s emotions. She went on to say that yes, her boyfriend was crying, but they were fake tears! Imagine your partner telling another guy/girl they’re interested in that you were crying crocodile tears?!

It’s date-time

In the fifth round of dates, Casey decided to take Rachel out on a date. At the same time, Ashely H and Ben were out on a date, to which Ben said he’d love to leave the island with Ashley H. On another date were David and Toneata. “I’m so happy that I did not pass out the opportunity to come to Temptation Island,” David told her. He continued, “I’ve met the girl I’ve been hoping to meet all my life. For the first time, I was able to see the true power of an emotional connection.”

The second to last bonfire

Time flies! It’s the second to last bonfire and it looks as if the girls are more sceptical than ever about their relationships. However, there may be hope for Ashely G’s relationship to Rick as in his video, Ashley G saw her boyfriend shutting down Medinah’s advances. At the guys' bonfire, Rick was also pleasantly surprised to see that KB was out of the picture and that Ashley G was only interested in becoming friends with Jose. Meanwhile, Gavin was hurt when he saw his girlfriend Esonica, in bed with Kareem, because he g=had never had anyone in bed with him.

Lastly, while Casey was hurt by Ashley H’s video of her tongue-kissing Ben, he realised that the issue was actually him more than with her. Can we all agree that he’s come a long way?

With the season finale looming, the question is, whose relationship will stand the Temptation Island test of time?

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Temptation Island Season 2

Which couple do you think will survive Temptation Island?

Esonica & Gavin 15%
Ashley H & Casey32%
Kate & David 17%
Ashley G & Rick Fleur37%