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Tamar: Get Ya Life

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Get to know the ever-fabulous Tamar Braxton.

14 September 2022
We all know and love Tamar Braxton for her funny one-liners, her incredible fashion sense and, of course, for those pipes that cause traffic to stop at the sound of the first note. Here are some fun facts about her that you may not know.
Woman in a black and white photo

Can you believe that she used to sing back up for Lady Gaga? Maybe there may be a collab between the two ladies in the future, and that will be a power track if it ever comes to be.

She was the very first African American to win Celebrity Big Brother. She came to the house, stole America’s hearts, and was the strategy queen. She brought her most authentic self and kept it cute, always for the cameras. She also entertained the house; as we all know, she never needs an invitation to break out into song.

The fact that she breaks out into song at the drop of a hat shows the talent she was living with. She once sang asking for toilet paper, and her siblings responded in song with great harmonies. Her mum then realised they should work together and form a band, which is how they started having it.


Her vocal Range is not one to be toyed with as she has a five-octave vocal range. She is not just in the business because her sister is Toni Braxton; she holds her own and can bring the house down.


When she is not singing, she has also ventured into fashion with a ready-to-wear clothing and shoe range. The range is called the Tamar collection, and she launched it in November 2014.


We are excited about her show as she has fought hard to get out of the shadows and into the light. We love to see her star shine and have already set reminders to watch her show, Tamar: Get Ya Life, on #1Magic at 20:30 every Thursday; tune in.