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Snowfall Season 2: Franklin’s reign continues

20 July 2018
What’s next for Franklin’s cocaine business?

A few months have gone to pass since Franklin Saint started his drug business with the help of his cocaine connect Avi Drexer, his Uncle Jerome and sidekicks Leon and Kevin. His aunt’s house which Franklin has used to cook up the crack is up and running, and it would seem like he is ready to expand.

However, as with any underground business deals, his plans to expand the drug trade come with their own ups and downs, and this time they lead him into Teddy McDonald – a CIA operative who’s selling cocaine worth millions of dollars.

The two drug dealers meet to discuss potentially working together, and from the get-go Franklin makes it clear that he’s adamant to keep it on the straight and narrow should they work together.

No funny business.

But Teddy’s past both with his mental instability and rocky relationship with the CIA may prove otherwise.

It also turns out that Franklin is not the only one with his sights set on expanding the drug business. A Mexican cartel which Teddy is also in partnership with, are planning to take their dealings a step further. But turbulence is inevitable.

We’re excited to see how Franklin will navigate the bumps and bruises of California’s drug trade business on Snowfall Season 2.

The premiere kicks off on Thursday, 26 July exclusively on 1 Magic.