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Queen Sugar


Queen Sugar Season 4 Finale Recap

18 September 2019
The season finale of Queen Sugar came full circle.
Queen Sugar Season 4

And just like that folks, Queen Sugar is over. All 13 episodes of the OWN produced drama series are behind us. And although we’ll have to wait for 2020 to see what season 5 (yes, it’s been confirmed) has in store for us, it’s safe to say that season 4 came full circle.

Missed the season finale? Watch the full season on DStv Catch Up.

Chatting to deadline about the finale, Queen Sugar creator Ava Duvernay said, “As we’ve gone through four seasons it’s been a juggling act to make sure that this feels relevant, but also has the intimacy of the black family dynamic that so many of us who work on it know to be true and want the show to be even more representative of.”

This week, Queen Sugar started off with Charley’s arrest for burning down her own mill. By now we’ve figured out that the Laundrys will stop at absolutely nothing to break down the Bordelons. It’s the Laundrys way to try and discredit Charley before the City Council election. But before they know it, Charley is out and gives a powerful speech on the jailhouse steps.

Ralph Angel on the other side, is trying to make sure that Blue gets the gift his Pop left him. Even after his death, it makes Blue sad that his Pop is no longer around, and it’s up to Ralph Angel and Darla to soothe Blue’s pain. They also need to figure out a way of working on their own pain.

Still on the topic of relationships, Calvin and Nova are moving onto the next phase in their relationship and moving in together! They’ve found a place and Nova feels ready to introduce him to her family. She takes him to Aunt Vi’s diner, and although Micah is rather skeptical of Nova and Greg’s relationship, everything goes well.

Some good news, Charley wins her City Council seat and it’s time for the Bordelons to celebrate!

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