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The similarities between Quantico’s Alex Parrish and Priyanka Chopra

12 July 2018
They both have great hair!
priyanka chopra as alex parrish on quantico

If you caught the first episode of Quantico, you would have noticed that the Season 3 premiere last Thursday night had a few big changes.

Alex Parrish – played by Priyanka Chopra – leaves her FBI and CIA work behind in search of some peace in Italy - but not for long.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Priyanka said, “[Alex] moves to Italy and you’ll find out through the season how and why that happened. 

"She also has a lot of drama this season.”

For one, Alex almost dies this season, Priyanka told the Huffington Post. Her near-death experience has to do with water, she added.

Priyanka who opted to perform the water stunt herself said, “I had to do this one shot in which I was floating underground in a pool of water for a really long time. And I wanted to do it myself because you see my waist and you see my hair, and I was like, ‘Come on. What kind of body double are we going to get for that?’”

Speaking more about the similarities between her and her character Priyanka said, “We both have great hair!”

Hair aside, Priyanka and Alex are otherwise very different.

“I’m very different from Alex. I’m a little bit more shy. I’m a lot more feminine. I like skirts. We both love heels. She does stunts in heels. I’ve actually started believing that if I get robbed or mugged or something that I actually would be able to beat people for real.

“I think it’s working adversely on my self-confidence ― that I’m becoming really, really confident. It’s probably not a good idea because I don’t want to be mugged. I don’t want to test the theory.”

Quantico airs Thursdays at 20:30.

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