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Which cast member are you? – Power

22 March 2019
Which character do you share the most attributes with on Power?
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The Power TV series is loved by viewers - and critics alike - for its rare ability of delving into the complex nuance that often characterise the human pysche. Nothing on this show is cut and dry, and that's why we are constantly on the edge of our seats when watching. The same 'Ghost', who is a ruthless and cold drug dealer is also James St. Patrick, a very loving father, friend and businessman. Watching him switch lanes is always as brilliant as watching Tasha, the loving mother and faithful wife, suddenly pull some bold moves. Which one of the main characters do you find to be most like you? 


- Assertive

- Bold

- Boss

- Smart

- Suited Up!


- Loyal 

- Affectionate

- Bold 


- Classy 

- Analytical 

- Precise

- Diligent 

- Smart 


- Loyal 

- Passionate 

- Spontaneous

- Unpredictable

- Impulsive 

POWER season 5 will be airing soon on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.