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Omari Hardwick talks sex scenes on Power

29 March 2019
Those famously steamy intimate sex scenes are all about "just going there", says the actor.

Everyone is always kinda curious about how the cast of Power is able to get so incredibly intimate, especially considering that some of them are either married, or in long term relationships.

The show is often heralded for its authentic depictions of the themes covered in the through lines, and that list includes murder, drug trade related violence, and, erm, quite a bit of sex. 

Reflecting on the show's first sex scene during the first season, in which he ends up in tears, Omari says there's no point of getting body doubles on the show, because "we just have to go there."

The actor says the flowed quite naturally, as part of the moment. That means a body double wouldn't work anyways. "That wouldn't be able to be choreographed", says Hardwick. 

Catch the season 5 premiere of Power on April 8th at 21:30, exclusively on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.