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5 things we've learnt from Ghost - Power

30 April 2019
Catch a few tips from 'Ghost' himself.
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He's definetly no paragon of morality on any kind of standard. But there's no shred of doubt that James 'Ghost' St. Patrick possesses an admirable set of personal traits that continue to keep him ahead of the pack both in the much coveted New York City lifestyle and nighlife industry, as well as in the underworld of not so illicit business dealings. Here's what we've learned from his character


If you are going to be great, you will need a soft spot to fall. Ghost knows this, and it reflects in the networks he encamps his life with. The entreprenure and drug dealer values loyalty above all things, and priotises this currency above all other attributes on the show.

Simply put – family comes first. Tommy, a childhood friend who's come up with him through the ranks, is famous for being frantic and erratic. In many ways, he's become a liability to Ghost, who's world requires precision, professionalism, coldness and structure. One sloppy move, anbd the feds are basically on to him and his entire family. But! He's kept Tommy around. An old friend, the most trusted ally. 

Ghost has also held on to Tasha, even after vowing to leave her for Angela (that blew up in this face though, understandably). All the legal complexities surrounding pursuing a progressive relationship with Angela notwithstanding, there's reason to believe he was never really willing to leave Tasha. She's the main wife. Ride Or Die. Family. There are too many secrets, too much information, history, bonds, love and, yes, loyalty. 


If you read that with an eye roll, you've already failed a very tough test. Here's the thing - it is a kind of a platitude upon first glance. But when you are Ghost, a beautiful night's rest may often be an unattainanable privilege.

It's kind of twisted when you think about it. He's invested his whole life in establishing authority, building weath and sustaining an ascension in social ranks, but he can barely escape the anxieties that come as a price for his lavish life. In the case of Power, the show centres around the complex matrix of never ending deadly games between ruthless rival whos only intention is to diminish competition for absolute underground monopolies. Ghost knows this, and it really keeps him on high alert, at all times. Who's really a friend? Who's a foe? What's on the chessboard, what's the next move? 


We live in an era that prioritises instant gratification. Everyone thinks building an empire lies in churning out a bunch of snaps on social media, a world which continues to disrupt antiquated understandings of success. Eight minute attention spans aside, old truths stand the test of time when it comes to success. We won't bore you with those, but we are happy to point out that the last 5 seasons of Power speak truth to the nature of the journey towards big legacies. It's not about instant rewards, which are likely to fizzle and fade along with relevance, but the very long and tenacious outlook it takes to really establish something that will stand the test of time.

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