Villains we love - Showmax recommendations

20 March 2023
We recommend a few shows and movies with villains or a villainy theme in line with our March theme. Some may surprise you but go ahead and watch and make up your mind and see if you can find other villains in these movies/ shows that we may have missed.
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We will start with our favourite show, Power Book IV: Force, which you can watch every Tuesday at 22:00. Tommy’s antics do not go unnoticed, but that is part of his charm. In his world, every second person is a villain, including him. But since he is giving the main character energy, he is undoubtedly our top villain, and we are all rooting for him to get to the top as unscathed as possible.  He continues to be the Tommy we love but has not wasted time making Chicago a playground. The question remains, though, if he will finally have his day in the sun or remain second in charge.

If you love Power Book IV: Force, you will love these shows on Showmax.


The obvious villains

For The Love of Money


This is a crime thriller about being a boss and what the price of power may be. It’s about power, money, and danger and centers around a single mother, Gigi, trying to make ends meet. Her family gets worse when her daughter Ashley gets into legal trouble. This financially lands them in hot water as the legal fees are expensive, and the money must come from somewhere. Gigi goes to what she knows, and knee-deep into the underworld where your life is in danger should a deal not go as you had promised. She does not shy away from danger as her motivation for doing this is her daughter but also maybe feeling and being a boss never hurt, and it is a welcome confidence boost.



The cytological thriller follows Yolla. She returns to the farming town where she grew up for some time is filled with happy memories, but this town is no ordinary town as it is filled with horrors, mystery secrets to last a lifetime, and there's also it's also been known to have ancient rituals and mysterious unexplainable events that leave you wanting to pack your bags as soon as possible here you will find plenty of villains in the most unexpected places.


The unlikely villains

A Journal for Jordan


This is based on a true story, so get those tissues ready; the movie centres around Dana Kennedy, Charles Monroe King and Jordan. Charles is a soldier who gets deployed to Iraq, and while he keeps a journal, he writes messages of love and life advice for his son. He was unfortunately killed overseas while serving. This movie focuses on how he loved his family, how his wife Dana loved him, and the journal. Who or what might you add as a villain in this story? Death is the villain as it separates them from each other, but what remains stronger than death is their love that transcends time as it lives on in their hearts forever and now, we also get to share in that love.


Nobody’s Fool


Tanya, fresh from prison, is painted as the obvious villain in this story, but we need to dig deeper Danica, who is successful and hopes she can become the next VP of the company that she works for. Her life though it may seem perfect, is not. Her love life is in shambles as she is in love with someone she has never met. She falls for her barista, but her insecurities get the best of her, and she chooses a safer option. Who or what is the villain here? Fear stops her from living and exploring real relationships with her family, and in her love life, her sister, who is from prison, is seemingly knowing but, through her journey of discovery, teaches Dana Danica how to live fiercely, fearlessly, and hard to go after what she wants.


The Real Housewives of Durban


The season started with Sane tearing into everyone she could as Sorisha's event; she had words with Slee and then with Londie. Where she hit below the belt. She even came for any, making her unpopular amongst the ladies. The only person who could get through to her was Mbali, as they had a breakthrough. Does this make her a bad person? No, and Maria could agree. Does this mean she is a villain? No, but her choices were in bad taste. Will she continue to be to make better choices? That remains to be seen; watch Real Housewives of Durban only on Showmax, as new episodes drop every Wednesday.


With all this fabulous entertainment to choose from, there truly is never a dull moment. 

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