One Night With My Ex
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One Night With My Ex


Shibe did well to leave Danny

10 May 2019
Shibe wasn't holding back when she reunited with her ex Danny.
Shibe One Night With My Ex

One Night With My Ex is four episodes in and we’ve witnessed some awkward, uncomfortable and downright embarrassing moments as old flames reunite for possibly one more night. The latest ex-couple to address unresolved issues from the past was Johannesburg-based Danny and ex-girlfriend, Shibe.

It was love at first sight when the two met; Danny loved the way Shibe carried herself and Shibe appreciated that Danny gave him his undivided attention. It didn’t help that long distance was a factor in the relationship and the two relied heavily on phone calls to keep their relationship alive. So, when Danny stopped calling and would sometimes switch off his phone, problems started surfacing in their relationship.

The more Danny spoke, the more tweeps felt like Shibe did a very good thing of leaving him.

Danny further raised eyebrows when Shibe revealed that the reason she broke up with him was that he decided to ignore her while he celebrated his birthday in December, and had the audacity to ask her for money. “If you had sent the money we probably wouldn’t have fought and we’d still be together,” Danny said.

Danny finally learnt the real reason Shibe left, and couldn’t believe that she left because of money.

Tweeps were here for Shibe and her straightforwardness!

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