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Revenge cheating is a thing! – One Night With My Ex

21 May 2019
Master and Thuli come to blows over reciprocated cheating allegations
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By the time the episode was half way, Friday's episode of One Night With My Ex had already started trending all over South Africa! Master and Thuli sat across each other to try and deal with issues that created an irreconcileable rift in their relationship.

They live together in an arrangement Thuli refers to as "weird" in the confessionals, but they barely talk to each other. Why do they still live together then, considering that they aren't even open to dating other people?

Two things, Master revealed on Friday's emotional chat between the former lovers. One; he wants their two children to grow in a safe home with love and secondly, he's held on to the hope that one day he and Thuli would be able to rekindle their romance. 

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That is, of course, if she is willing to change her ways. "You drink alcohol. I don't like women who drink", said Master, who identifies himself as a conservative traditionalist who wants Thuli to conduct her life in a fashion that conforms to his tradition. Having been raised in rural KZN, Master feels that Thuli should mend her ways in order for him to marry her. 

"That's the problem", she shot back, "All I ever hear from your mouth is 'don't, don't, don't'". 

The 25 year old shared that she felt Master was too controlling, and that she had no intention of being submissive to him. "Why should I worship you?"

Further to the couple's difficulty in reconciling their differences, a history of infidelity haunts them. 

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Master confessed to have cheated on Thuli. She doesn't know if she will ever be able to forgive him.

But, it doesn't end there. 

Master thinks Thuli revenge cheated on him just to hurt him. "I didn't", Thuli said, denying the accusation. What she did do, however, as she later revealed, is pretend to have cheated to get back at him for cheating. It worked! "What hurt him him the most is that he thought I was happy with someone", she said. 

Their litany of problems notwithstanding, the couple agreed to try and work on their issues. 

Watch former couples spend one more night to get to the bottom of their break up on One Night With My Ex, Fridays at 19:00 on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.