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One Night With My Ex


Caroline Walks Away - One Night With My Ex

10 June 2019
It turned out to Caroline that Tshego hadn't changed from the high school boy she'd dated.
Caroline One Night With My Ex

One Night With My Ex has allowed many to see what happens when two former couples revisit the past. The surprises haven’t stopped since the show started on 1 Magic, and the most recent episode was no different.

We met 26-year-old former model Tshego who met his ex-girlfriend Caroline (23) while the two were still in high school. After dating for a year, the couple decided to call it quits as it turned out that Tshego was never committed to their relationship and was a serial cheater.

Addressing the issues that caused them to go their separate ways, Tshego didn’t seem too keen to lay out everything on the table and rather chose to play dumb.

He didn’t seem to remember that he once asked out Caroline’s friend and even went as far as blocking Caroline on Whatsapp to pursue a relationship with the said girl. He couldn’t recall who Masego, another girl he was also seeing was. “[Caroline] became suspicious about a particular girl whom I told her was my cousin then later I said was my neighbour.

“I told her not to touch my phone because I don’t touch hers,” Tshego explained.

Things didn’t get any better between the two as Tshego suggested that Caroline was never supportive of his endeavours, and was instead to concerned with her curfew.

“Did you want a girl who was going to hype you up?” Caroline asked.

“At home, they had boundaries.”

Tshego didn’t take any of Caroline’s concerns seriously, giving her the impression that he hadn’t changed since they were dating in high school.

To which she decided not to spend the night with Tshego.

Catch One Night With My Ex every Friday at 19:00 on 1 Magic, DStv Channel 103.