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One Night With My Ex


4 reasons former couples need one more night! – One Night With My Ex

10 April 2019
With the premiere of One Night With My Ex looming, we are thinking a lot about... well... one more night with the ex!

Why would someone want to spend a whole night with an ex? There's actually quite a few reasons that quickly come to mind as to why former couples would be enticed by the idea of spending a few hours together, one last time. We've taken a look at a few of them that do not include sex. 


Some people may want to rekindle previous relationships they feel had not truly run the course. You probably know someone, say a close friend, who's still hung up on an ex and feels stuck in limbo. This is one such case where spending the night with a former flame would make sense. 


As we all know, not every break down was down to a 'loving, mutual decision that we've taken together', as we sometimes see in the these PR engeneered statements that celebrity couples toss out the minute their highly publicised romance reaches an end. In real life, things aren't always so clean and amicable. Think of moments in your own life that you still need answers for. When it comes to relationships, the obvious appeal of closing a chapter with some dignity cannot be ignored. 


There's quite a high number of couples who reach the end thanks to infidelity. Yes, thank you very much, infidelity! But while we aren't trying to dig up statistics and things like that, we are sure you either know someone who has been betrayed at one point or another in their lives. An intimate sesssion for an honest conversation is in order for all the questions, and tensions, to be addressed. 


We all have those... The 'What ifs?' 'Could haves'. 'Should haves'... Imagine being able to finally settle all those nagging fantasies of how the story could have ended if the storyline had gone slightly differently. We are sure couples on One Night With My Ex will be keen to explore how far their alternative universe has misled them. 

Catch it all go down on One Night With My Ex, premiering April 19th at 19:00 on 1Magic.