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The Neighborhood Aims to Change Perspectives

25 August 2020
The Neighborhood cast shared their opinions about the show's goal and characters.
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Did you know that The Neighborhood, is based on the sitcom’s writer’s personal experience? Chatting to TV Insider, creator Jim Reynolds said that he wanted to depict his real-life experience of moving into a predominantly black neighbourhood with his wife.

Besides the comedic relief that the show offers, Cedric the Entertainer, who’s also The Neighborhood’s executive producer said that the aim of the show is to present all the characters authentically and for the jokes to be as thought-provoking as they are entertaining.

If you’ve been following The Neighborhood from the beginning, you would’ve picked up that although Dave Johnson, played by Max Greenfield, always has the best intentions, his efforts always come off as trying too hard. And this is the reason Max Greenfield hoped that the show would get people talking.

“If we can take some of the bite out of what’s become a conversation you can’t enter into anymore, that’d be great,” he told TV Insider. “I really hope that it will take the air out of the balloon and allow people to at least have the beginnings of a conversation that isn’t so heated.”

Also giving her take on the show and her character was Beth Behrs who plays Gemma, Dave’s wife. Gemma’s got Dave’s back, and like her husband, she means well. However, Behrs insisted that people would definitely have their opinions about her.

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“I don’t mind if people draw conclusions because I think what we will do if people see themselves reflected in these characters, regardless of race, that’s a good thing,” Reynolds suggested.

He hoped that The Neighborhood will win people’s hearts and then change some mindsets.

The Neighborhood airs Thursdays at 19:30 on 1 Magic, DStv Channel 103.